Safeguard Your Home with Disinfection Services in Chicagoland, IL

We are ready to help protect your home in the Chicagoland, IL, area from COVID-19 with our cleanup services. Paul Davis continues to deliver dependable emergency cleaning and restoration services, offering peace of mind and relief during this nationwide pandemic.

COVID-19 Residential Cleaning

Keep Your Home Safe

These are a few of the steps we take to support your household members’ health and safety:

  • Disinfect and clean high-touch surfaces: Our specialists have the proper equipment to eradicate microbial growth, viruses, pathogens and other bacteria.
  • Take the essential safety measures: We’ll ask about everyone’s status before we begin so as to not put anyone at risk. Our team wears face masks and shoe covers to stop contaminants from being brought into your home.
  • Offer important information: As experts in the industry, we can provide you accurate and valuable information that’ll help secure your health and safety. We understand that there is much concern out there about coronavirus, so we’re here to answer your questions according to the most current updates available.

We Take the Precautions for You

Here at Paul Davis, we make sure to take all the necessary safety measures in keeping cleanliness. We follow the CDC guidelines and wash our hands consistently for 20 seconds with soap, put on hand sanitizer, keep a recommended distance of six feet from people and sanitize surfaces that are touched on a consistent basis.

Our objective is to offer safety to companies within Chicagoland, IL, and this is even more critical with COVID-19. This is how Paul Davis can help out your company:

  • Our dependable contractors will sanitize your commercial space by utilizing disinfectants thoroughly.
  • We are EPA and FDA approved to combat most common viruses and bacteria.
  • We meet stringent standards.

COVID-19 Residential Cleaning

Let’s Keep Everyone Safe

If those living in your residence are suffering with cold or flu symptoms, please advise us ahead of time. Paul Davis specializes in cleaning and disinfecting properties across the Chicagoland, IL, area after they’ve undergone catastrophes. You can depend on us to eradicate toxic bacteria and even viruses from every surface in your home.