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Fire? How to Create a Safety Escape Plan
Posted 12/16/15
In the event of a fire, having a practiced safety escape plan can save lives. Make sure everyone knows when to call 911, how to get out, where to go, and who to contact in the event of an emergency....
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Top Causes of Kitchen Fires
Posted 12/8/15
Kitchen fires are the #1 cause of house fires and injuries to homeowners, so avoiding them is a important goal for every household. Taking common-sense precautions can greatly reduce the chance of starting a cooking fire during meal preparation, and...
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Water: Waste Not, Want Not
Posted 11/20/15
As much as the majority of us want to lower water consumption around the home, we seldom do much about it. So the next time you’re about to fork out money for your water bill, pause for a few minutes....
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Start Here for Safe Chimney Cleaning
Posted 11/6/15
Do you have a chimney in your home? If so, it's important to have it cleaned often to remove hazardous buildup. When you clean your chimney, you must do a very thorough job to ensure the safety of your home....
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How to Think Like a Home Invader
Posted 10/23/15
Most home burglaries are not randomly executed; they are usually premeditated. Criminals search for homes that will make their job easier. They know they can enter quickly, take your possessions, and leave without being detected. There isn't one thing you...
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  • Does Your Workplace Have An Evacuation Plan?

    It’s rare for someone to anticipate a disaster or an emergency. That being said, both things can strike at any moment. It’s not just at home where these dangers lurk. It’s also in our workplace environment. Disasters and emergencies don’t have a history of striking when it’s convenient, so in addition to any plans you

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  • Avoiding Lightning Threats

    If you’re someone who enjoys spring storms, you’re not alone. Rain, thunder, and even lightning can create a truly beautiful spectacle of nature. That isn’t to say that spring storms don’t pose a danger to you and your family. It’s important to remember that while beautiful, lightning can also be harmful. However, when you follow

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  • What To Do After Storm Damage

    No one wants to think about severe weather interrupting their life. The thing about Mother Nature is that she has the ability to cause sweeping damage in the blink of an eye. If not properly prepared for, these damages can seem overwhelming. The good news is that many people before you have been through bad

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  • Understanding Homeowners Insurance

    A house is considered the largest purchase an average person will ever make in his or her lifetime. Its value is not just an asset, but it’s also a home–a roof over your head and the central gathering place for your family. That’s why intelligently protecting your home is essential. That being said, it’s easy

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  • Better to Choose Your Emergency Services Company Before an Emergency

    No one likes to think about disaster striking their home or business. However, emergencies happen every day and it’s possible they could someday happen to you. Having property insurance is a vital first step. But when a fire damages your kitchen, a flood fills your basement, the roof at your business leaks and soaks your

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